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Treasure Garden School – Fair Oaks, CA

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What is Waldorf Early Childhood Education?

Is there a Waldorf early childhood “curriculum?” Are there specific activities — perhaps puppet plays or watercolor painting, for example-that are required in a Waldorf program? Are there certain materials and furnishings-lazured, soft-colored walls, handmade playthings, natural materials, beeswax crayons—that are essential ingredients of a Waldorf setting? What is it that makes Waldorf early childhood education “Waldorf?” Rudolf Steiner spoke on a number of occasions about the essentials of education and of early childhood education. His words shed light on what he considered fundamental… “Letting the Children Be Children”.

WECAN Videos

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Waldorf Early Childhood Around the World

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Why Waldorf?

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The Hartsbrook School, Hadley, MA

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