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Birth To Three front-cover

Birth to Three in Education and Care: Rudolf Steiner, Emmi Pikler and the Very Young Child

Edited by Heather Church

This book explores how Emmi Pikler and Rudolf Steiner inform educators’ work with very young children. In Waldorf early childhood education, we are so very fortunate that these two deeply sensitive, insight-filled streams have found each other. Four wise teachers share their observations about how to work with and for young children so that developing humans might be as free as possible to choose a path in life, to be who they came here to be, with the least hindrances and the greatest resources.

$15 perfect-bound, 68 pages | Details & Purchase

TRUER THAN TRUE book cover

Truer Than True: A World of Fairy Tales for the Waldorf Kindergarten

Edited by Holly Koteen-Soulé

Truer Than True brings twenty-six wonderful tales from around the world to the home and classroom, and to all who love stories. These favorites of the Waldorf early childhood classroom were collected and adapted to enhance inclusiveness and understanding, and to share beloved stories that nourish families from many cultures.

$25 perfect-bound, 142 pages | Details & Purchase

book cover

Picture Language of Folktales

Friedel Lenz

Fairy tales speak in a visual language—but what do these pictures speak of? In The Picture Language of Folktales, Friedel Lenz looks at fairy tales and their original images as part of the development of human consciousness. Lenz (1897–1970) knew Rudolf Steiner and studied in the Waldorf teacher training program. After World War II, she made a new life for herself as a teller of folktales to children and a lecturer who brought them alive and made them understandable to adults.

$25 perfect-bound, 283 pages | Details & Purchase

book cover

Understanding Child Development: Rudolf Steiner’s Essential Principles for Waldorf Education

Edited by Angelika Wiehl and Wolfgang-M. Auer

Understanding Child Development is the result of the editors’ many years of experience as Waldorf educators and leaders in teacher training. This is a selection of Rudolf Steiner’s source texts on childhood, scholarly commentary, supplemental essays on sensory development and imitation, suggestions for studying the texts, and a discussion of the future of childhood. Steiner’s selected source texts on early childhood are here collected in English for the first time.

$22 perfect-bound, 234 pages | Details & Purchase

Toward a Kinder, More Compassionate Society: Working Together Toward Change

Edited by Susan Howard

The focus of the 2022 conference of the Waldorf Early Childhood Association of North America was on bringing greater awareness of Black Lives Matter and other efforts in radical empathy and inclusion to Waldorf early childhood programs. Keynote speakers and workshop leaders, speaking from a wealth of Black, Brown, Indigenous, LGBTQ+ experience and more, adapted their presentations for this unique and urgently needed anthology.

Forthcoming 2023

book cover

Eurythmy in the Kindergarten

Eurythmy in Kindergarten is a beautifully illustrated answer to the question, “Why eurythmy in kindergarten?” This unique, artistic form of movement, with its deep connection to the formative power of speech, is especially important for young children’s speech development, which is increasingly under threat in our times.
This lovely booklet is written for kindergarten teachers, eurythmists, students in training programs, and parents.

$10 individual copy / $30 bundle of 5 saddle-stitched, 28 pages | Details & Purchase

book cover

Child of Nature

Rikke Rosengren, published by Blue Pearl Books

Parents, teachers, and caregivers will learn practical ways to give children the chance for adventurous play and sensory stimulation, and thus to support a pedagogical foundation for education that is based on children’s healthy development. Beautifully illustrated with over 180 color photographs and drawings.

$29 perfect-bound, 180 pages | Details & Purchase

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