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Recommended Reading on Waldorf Early Childhood Education

Note: Contact information for publishers and book distributors is at the end of the bibliography.

I. An Introduction to Waldorf Early Childhood Education

Almon, Joan, ed. An Overview of the Waldorf Kindergarten, and A Deeper Understanding of the Waldorf Kindergarten, WECAN Books.

Baldwin, Sarah, Nurturing Children and Families: One Model of a Parent-Child Program in a Waldorf School, WECAN Books.

Foster, Nancy, In a Nutshell: Dialogues with Parents at Acorn Hill, a Waldorf Kindergarten, WECAN Books.

Glöckler, Michaela, The Dignity of the Young Child: Care and Training for the First Three Years, WECAN Books.

Grunelius, Elizabeth, Early Childhood Education and the Waldorf School Plan, RSC.

Heckmann, Helle, Nøkken: A Danish Waldorf Child Care, WECAN Books.

Jaffke, Freya, Work and Play in Early Childhood, SB.

Long-Breipohl, Renate, Under the Stars – The Foundations of Steiner Waldorf Early Childhood Education, Hawthorn Press.

Male, Dot, The Parent and Child Group Handbook: A Steiner/Waldorf Approach, HP.

Nicol, Janni and Taplin, Jill, Understanding the Steiner Waldorf Approach – Early Years Education in Practise, Feedbooks.

Oldfield, Lynne, Free to Learn: Introducing Steiner Waldorf Early Childhood Education, HP

Oppenheimer, Sharifa, ed., What is a Waldorf Kindergarten? SB.

Patterson, Barbara and Bradley, Pamela, Beyond the Rainbow Bridge, Michaelmas Press.

Patzlaff, et al., The Child from Birth to Three in Waldorf Education and Child Care, WECAN Books.

Raichle, Bernadette, Creating a Home for Body, Soul and Spirit – a New Approach to Child Care, WECAN Books.

Ris, Margaret and Atchison, Trice, A Warm and Gentle Welcome – Nurturing Children from Birth to Age Three, WECAN Books.

II. The Development of the Young Child

Aeppli, Willi, The Care and Development of the Human Senses, Steiner Schools Fellowship Publications, UK, available through FB.

Blanning, Nancy, First Grade Readiness – A collection of resources, insights and tools for Waldorf educators, WECAN Books.

de Haes, Daniel Udo , The Creative Word: The Young Child’s Experience of Language and Storytelling, WECAN Books.

Heydebrand, Caroline von, Childhood: A Study of the Growing Soul, SB.

Howard, Susan, ed., The Developing Child – The First Seven Years, Gateways Series, WECAN Books.

Howard, Susan, ed., Working with the Angels – The Young Child and the Spiritual World, Gateways Series, WECAN Books.

Howard, Susan, ed., The Young Child in the World Today, Gateways Series, WECAN Books.

Glas, Norbert, Conception, Birth and Early Childhood, SB.

Goebel, Wolfgang, and Michaela Glöckler, A Guide to Child Health, SB.

Jenkinson, Sally, The Genius of Play: Celebrating the Spirit of Childhood, HP.

Jaffke, Freya, ed. On the Play of the Child: Indications by Rudolf Steiner for Working With Young Children, WECAN Books.

Köhler, Henning, Working with Anxious, Nervous and Depressed Children, AWSNA.

König, Karl, The First Three Years of the Child, SB.

König, Karl, Eternal Childhood, SB.

Mitchell, David, ed., Developmental Insights: Discussions between Doctors and Teachers, AWSNA Publications.

Lievegoed, Bernard, Phases of Childhood – Growing in Body, Soul and Spirit, Floris.

Schoorel, Edmond, The First Seven Years – the Physiology of Childhood, RSC.

Soesman, Albert, The Twelve Senses, HP.

Steegmans, Dr. Johanna, Cradle of a Healthy Life, WECAN Books.

Strauss, Michaela, Understanding Children’s Drawings, RSP.

III. Activities for Young Children

Breyer, Estelle, The Rainbow Puppet Theatre Book, WECAN Books.

Dancy, Rahima Baldwin, You are Your Child’s First Teacher, AP and RSC.

deForest, Louise, ed., For the Children of the World – Stories and Recipes from the International Steiner Waldorf Early Childhood Association (IASWECE), WECAN Books.

deForest, Louise, ed., Tell Me a Story – Stories from the Waldorf Early Childhood Association of North America, WECAN Books.

Ellersiek, Wilma, Gesture Games for Spring and Summer; Gesture Games for Autumn and Winter; Giving Love – Bringing Joy, and Dancing Hand, Trotting Pony, WECAN Books.

Foster, Nancy, Let Us Form A Ring and Dancing As We Sing, WECAN Books.

Foster, Nancy, ed., The Seasonal Festivals in Early Childhood: Seeking the Universally Human, WECAN Books.

Haller,I., How Children Play, AP.

Jaffke, Freya, Toymaking with Children, AP.

Leeuwen, M. van and J. Moeskops, The Nature Corner, FL.

Long-Breipohl, Renate, Supporting Self-Directed Play in Steiner Waldorf Early Childhood Education, WECAN Books.

Lonsky, Karen, A Day Full of Song, WECAN Books.

Mellon, Nancy, Storytelling with Children, HP.

Müller, Rudolf, Painting with Children, SB and RSC.

Perrow, Susan, Healing Stories for Challenging Behaviors, HP

Perrow, Susan, Therapeutic Storytelling, HP.

Summer, Autumn, Winter, Spring, Spindrift, and Gateways. Collections of songs, stories and verses from the British kindergartens, Wynstones Press.

Willwerth, Ilian, Merrily We Sing: Original Songs in the Mood of the Fifth, WECAN Books.

Zahlingen, Bronja, A Lifetime of Joy – a collection of circle games, finger games, songs, verses and plays for puppets, WECAN Books.

IV. Lectures and Writings by Rudolf Steiner on Education

The Education of the Child in the Light of Anthroposophy, 1909, SB and RSC. Short introduction to Waldorf education and child development.

The Essentials of Education, 5 lectures, Stuttgart, April 1924, SB. Development of the child, the task of the teacher, the “bodily religion” of the young child, relationship of teacher and child, curriculum.

The Foundations of Human Experience (formerly The Study of Man), 14 lectures, Stuttgart, August-September 1919, SB. Fundamental and challenging lectures on the physical, soul and spirit organization of the child, and on the psychology of education.

The Kingdom of Childhood, 7 lectures in Torquay, England, August 1924, SB and RSC. Child development and Waldorf education. Includes the incarnation process, child as a sense organ, imitation, development of fantasy, the kindergarten, as well as teaching main lessons, numbers, plants and animals.

*The Roots of Education, 5 lectures, Berne, April 1924, SB. Development of the child, the task of the teacher, the “bodily religion” of the young child, relationship of teacher and child, curriculum.

Soul Economy and Waldorf Education, 16 lectures, Dornach, Christmas 1921-22, SB. Lectures on phases of child development, health and illness, aesthetic, physical, religious and moral education. Includes “The Child Before the Seventh Year.”

Spiritual Insights, part of the Little Series, compiled by Helmut von Kügelgen, spiritual content for the kindergarten teacher from the work of Rudolf Steiner, WECAN Books.

V. Books on Organizational Development

Finser, Siegfried, A Guide to Full Enrollment, Finser Publications.

Lievegoed, Bernard C.J., Developing Communities, Hawthorn Press.

Schaefer, Christopher, Partnerships of Hope, Waldorf Publications.

Smit, Jörgen, The Child, the Teachers, and the Community, Waldorf Publications.

Tautz, Johannes, The Founding of the First Waldorf School in Stuttgart, Waldorf Publications.

Zimmermann, Heinz, Speaking, Listening, Understanding, Lindisfarne Press.


AWSNA (now: Waldorf Publications)

FL – Floris, 15 Harrison Gardens, Edinburgh EH11 1SH England.

HP – Hawthorne Press, 1 Lansdown Lane, Lansdown, Stroud, Gloucestershire, GL5 1BJ England.

MP – Mercury Press, 241 Hungry Hollow Road, Spring Valley, 10977 USA

RSC – Rudolf Steiner College Press, 9200 Fair Oaks Blvd., Fair Oaks, CA

RSP – Rudolf Steiner Press , Sussex, England

Steiner Books (Anthroposophic Press) P.O. Box 960, Herndon, VA

WECAN Books – Waldorf Early Childhood Association, 285 Hungry Hollow Road, Spring Valley, NY 10977, USA

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