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The WECAN Board is composed of experienced early childhood educators from throughout North America. The Board has a four-day annual meeting each November and an additional meeting in the spring. Its various committees—Finance, Personnel, Board Committee, Conference Planning, Diversity Equity Inclusion and Access, Outreach and Public Policy, Membership, Teacher Education, Birth to Three and Publications—are active throughout the year in a number of ways.

Board members and other WECAN colleagues participate in our WECAN Working Groups to deepen aspects of our educational work and share the results through WECAN Books, the Gateways newsletter and through conferences and regional gatherings. The Board also acts as an organ of perception for the needs of the Waldorf early childhood movement and collaborates with AWSNA (the Association of Waldorf Schools of North America) the Alliance for Public Waldorf Education (APWE), and a number of other organizations with similar goals and ideals in service of childhood. Two board members act as WECAN representatives on the council of the International Association for Steiner Waldorf Early Childhood Education (IASWECE), based in Switzerland.

The current members of the Board are: Louise deForest, Heather Church, Keelah Helwig, Susan Howard, Ruth Ker, Laura Mason, Gabriela Nuñez Plata, Anjum Mir, and Magdalena Toran.

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Louise deForest, Chairperson
Mill River, MA

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Keelah Helwig, Secretary
Long Island, NY

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Susan Howard
Amherst, MA

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Ruth Ker, Treasurer
Duncan, BC

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Laura Mason
Issaquah, WA

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Anjum Mir, Vice-Chairperson
Los Angeles, CA

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Gabriela Nuñez Plata
Playa del Carmen, Mexico

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Regional Representatives

Experienced Waldorf educators in each region are invited by the Board to serve as WECAN Regional Representatives. On a volunteer basis, they help to assist organizations on their steps on the membership path, contact members to explore activities and issues of concern, facilitate collaboration within the region, act as a speaking partner to the AWSNA regional representative, and make recommendations to the WECAN Membership Committee regarding applications for membership and the evolving Membership Handbook.

View a list of regional representatives and staff contact information


WECAN Co-Director ~ Heather Church, Gores Landing, ONT
WECAN Co-Director ~ Susan Howard, Amherst, MA
Administrator ~ Melissa Lyons, Spring Valley, NY
Administrative Support ~ Mia Radysh, Shelburne Falls, MA
Communications Coordinator ~ Lara Radysh, Shelburne Falls, MA
Membership Coordinator ~ Laura Mason, Issaquah, WA
Teacher Education Coordinator ~ Ruth Ker, Duncan, BC

Publications Coordinator ~ Donna Miele, Spring Valley, NY
Gateways Editor ~ Nancy Blanning, Denver, CO
Gateways Managing Editor ~ Lory Widmer, Villeret, Switzerland
Shipping ~ Kate Barhydt, Spring Valley, NY

Coordinator ~ Magdalena Toran, Conway, MA

Co-Coordinator ~ Lynn Turner, Chestnut Ridge, MD
Co-Coordinator ~ Leslie Wetzonis-Woolverton, Silver Spring MD

Conference Administrator ~ Mia Radysh, Shelburne Falls, MA
Conference Committee ~ Heather Church, Susan Howard, Laura Mason, Magdalena Toran
Conference Team ~ Elia Gilbert, Melissa Lyons, Lara Radysh, Celia Riahi

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Individuals who wish to support and contribute to Waldorf early childhood education are invited to join WECAN. Schools, training centers, and home programs may also enter on the path of organizational membership.

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